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About this site:

This website is for distributing psychometric research papers and computer software programs that I authored/co-authored. They are all free of charge, but the author(s) retain all copyrights. Please cite the software/papers appropriately.



Software Downloads:

For research and teaching purposes, you do not need to get any license to use the computer software programs that are distributed from this website. For commercial uses, please contact me first. Please note that the author(s) are not responsible for any results caused by using the software. The author(s) do not provide any support for the software but appreciate bug/error reports.

  1. WinGen3 (2010):
    Windows Software that Generates IRT Parameters and Item Responses.

  2. IRTCook (2010):
    Software Tool for Massive IRT Analyses.

  3. IRTEQ (2009):
    Windows Application that Implements IRT Scaling and Equating.

  4. SimulCAT (2012):
    Windows Application that Simulates Computerized Adaptive Test Administration.

  5. MSTGen (2013):
    Simulated data generator for multistage testing.

  6. HSGen (2007):
    Hierarchical Score Generator.

  7. ResidPlots2 (2009)
    Computer Software for IRT Graphic Residual Analyses.



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